Goel International School (Goel Colege) is a co-educationa institution reputed for academic excellence, high moral standard and discipline. Goel College, established in the year 1996 offers tremendous opportunity for functional and qualitative education. With a culture of excellence, Goel provides conducive learning environment, an integrated curriculum: offering comprehensive, commercial and technical subjects under the serious supervision and coordination of academic programmes by a team of dedicated, experienced and trained tutors, having first degree as minimum qualification. Its structures and facilities deliberately modeled to guarantee the Child’s right for educational involvement, development, protection and participation.



Goel College is generally geared towards giving the child solid foundation in al fields of study, making the child self reliant and confident: producing from the child a cultured man or woman of reputable character and noble standing in the society. Goel has set up for herself standards for achieving these objectives.



Our vision therefore are:

  • * To build a world class centre for academic excellence whose products have no need for examination malpractice in order to obtain educational certificates.
  • * To build a centre for social re-engineering where the virtue of life are inculcated emphasized and enforced.
  • * To build sound moral standard anchored on the discipline of the “total man”.
  • * To nurture good leaders of tomorrow who are equipped to face the challenges of a fast growing world.
  • * To provide qualitative and functional education that empowers the child to be self-reliant



For God, Enlightenment and Excellence



Goel Group of School: A complete Package
For God and Excellence in Learning
The Noble idea of the founder
The Labours of Teachers and Goealites
Shall never be in Vain
But ever remain to bear Good fruit
Together we shall continue to maintain
This package for God and mankind.
Goel College: A Noble Colle
All over the place: we are well known
For Academic Excellence: we are number one
For Moral Upbringing: we are the Best
Oh God, Oh Lord, Help us God x2


I pledge to Goel Dear School
To be Obedient, Hardworking and Trustworthy
To be a goodAmbassador of Goel School
By Upholding her Tenets of Sound Academy and high Moral upbringing
So help me God